Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The international rock flipping day September 7

Well, as I spotted this http://www.vianegativa.us/2008/08/10/september-7-is-international-rock-flipping-day/
I couldn't resist to go outside and try for myself. It was a beautiful shiny day anyway.
So I met my friend and we both began our hunting. We went to the woods and searched almost every rock, except...there werent many rocks, so then we started flipping little chunks.
We saw a few bugs, but they always managed to run away before I could even touch my camera :(

So heres just some remnants after some animal, which seems to be a spider. Eeew.

But we did see a squirrel, which didn't want to pose for a picture :( So heres one not so good

On the way back home I found some little mouse on the ground. It must have been only a day old. So I took it home, I wanted to save her/him...despite the fact I have cats at home....
Well I should have made better precaution...it lasted only for a few hours. I think I will never know whether it was eaten by my cat or just ran away.....
Anyway, I hope you are in good hands now. I am really sorry, I tried, I failed.... I won't forget you....